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"Una Mentira" Reaches New Heights: Babywine's Song Hits 125K on YouTube, Ranks #68 in San Juan, PR

Babywine, a Puerto Rican artist, recently released his new single “Una Mentira” and it has quickly become a chart-topping hit.

The song has already achieved over 125,000 views on YouTube and has reached the #68 spot on the San Juan, Puerto Rico Top 100 chart.

The song has resonated with fans of Babywine, as well as with fans of the Reggaeton.

There is no doubt that Babywine’s “Una Mentira” will continue to be a chart-topping hit and will continue to bring him success. Fans of the song can look forward to hearing more great music from Babywine in the future.

The song is a great example of Babywine’s ability to blend traditional Reggaeton sounds with a modern style. The lyrics are catchy and the production is on point. The song features a combination of urban and electronic elements that create an energetic and upbeat atmosphere.

Babywine is no stranger to success. She has had his hand in some of the biggest Reggaeton hits of the past few years, including “No Te Veo” and “PAPI”.

Babywine’s latest single, “Una Mentira”, is sure to be a fan favorite.

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