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The strategy behind Derek Romero

Derek Romero since he met Kendrick “Kend” González in his childhood, they have made friendly relationships thanks to their similar tastes in music, together they participated in many friends parties and local events in their city. From the beginning they both worked their music independently. But that changes in 2017 when they met again in Chile and starts to work together.

From that date they were working on events in Chile until 2019, which was when they began to focus on working on the changes that Cabilliant had been presenting, in those days they focused their work on launches and distribution creating original content, and in turn prepared everything to start a tour throughout Latin America in 2020.

As a result of the international panorama at the beginning of 2020, the team was forced to recalculate the strategy and plans they had for that year and it was when Kend starts a strategy that consist in export the work they had been doing to others and massify the collaborations, making use of of all resources at the moment. As a team, each project of each artist was being presented individually to the major labels and allies, it was when Derek Romero’s work drew the attention of different projects of which 0dbPro can be highlighted, in which it participates with leadership even today. . Derek Romero currently has collaborations with the greatest artists globally, as well as important relationships within the industry. He is one of the first Latin artists along with legends as Dj Nelson, Rafy Mercenario and Eliot El Mago D Oz in having their own VST plugin, which is available through the 0dbPro platform.

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