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Life Sounds is out now! What is OST about?


The main idea was to create a compilation album of instrumental tracks with which, as with the elements, we can describe the life as it is, going from material to feelings and emotions. Creating an OST or “Original Soundtrack” of life. Expecting to have it heard during a regular day and be able to transmit to the listener a bunch of feelings depending of their own mood.

Kendrick “Kend”, who was in charge of directing the project, endeavored to work on David Hazard’s idea of develop a launch that refers to the 4 main elements, Kend had the illusion of making this a collaborative project with which other artists could have a participation. “We worked as one to develop what we now know today as Life Sounds” he said on his Instagram.

Anko, David Hazard, Derek Romero, Jmyd and Kend, are some of the artists that have been working during several month to make this a unique release with which we hope to stand out in different scenes during this 2021.

Visual work is based on some techniques worked with Ink, Paint and Water, captured on macro lens and digitally retouched on post production. Experimenting this far with the purpose to refer to the concept of “Patterns in Nature” that repeats everywhere, from microorganisms to all over observable universe.

We made a transition on each track, to refer that the tracks as with our artists, works great individually, but together we achieve bigger things. Kend, Derek Romero and Jmyd worked together on realization of final version post-production of the tracks, from conceptualization, mixing, mastering, transition and more.

“Fire” by Kend, David Hazard, Jmyd

Very warm melody, calm mood, wood aroma, and candles, that is Fire. Those Hip hop drums, wind instruments and resampling are some of the resources they used to level it up to Afroton and Reggaeton respectively.

In fact David Hazard and Kend met more than 5 years ago and since them they worked several times trying to fusion their styles on a way them both feel proud to release.

“Water” by Jmyd, Kend

With some high-pitched voices, the reductions of high frequencies, melody and patterns among other ambience elements, our artists wanted to refer greek mythology creatures as sirens, hydra and poseidon, and the live in high seas.

In fact Water is one of two track with which Jmyd debuts his career as main artist, the other one is Fire.

“Ice” by Derek Romero, David Hazard

In Ice our artists capture the idea of how cold our days can be. Rain, fog, snow, and solitude could in some way be linked with Ice. The use of reverb to sound as an empty room, high-pitched percussion instruments and wah-wah processed synths to simulate water, all referring to melting ice in caves and icebergs collapsing at some point.

Definitely a soundtrack for the loneliness of walk home at midnight after a long day of work, isn’t it?

“Thunder” by Anko

The electronic sounds in Thunder indicate that something is happening, a theme with a motivated and self-confident mood, all the instrumentation is made with electronic synthetizers, and digitally modified samples, in addition to its futuristic melody.

In fact with Thunder, Anko debuts his career as main artist.


We seeking to grow our traffic on YouTube, and solidify our alliance with Apple Music. This release was released exclusively on YouTube and Apple Music for their premiere.

Prior to it’s release, we maintained all about it’s concept, artists names and what was about as a secret.

Weeks before it’s release we made visuals public, and each artist promoted their concept individually on their profiles, with the colors on outfits, emojis, captions and locations related without mentioning that it was all about an upcoming release. As a result our audience maintained interest at all time, sharing our content, asking about what was about and generating conversation in social media.

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