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Kendflow X Derek Romero joined forces on "Last Train Home" EP

Based on current waves and after succeed of their latest EP series "Life Sounds", Kendflow and Derek Romero decides to work on an EP of 4 instrumental tracks, inspired by the loneliness and nostalgia of those days when you went on your way home from work, college, friend's house, gym or whatever place you visit late at night.

The EP was premiered on Cabilliant's YouTube on April 15th, with a visualizer of a girl taking the last train home.

Kendflow shared through his Instagram account that he felt kinda nostalgic just by doing music with his childhood brother.

Same day April 15th, one year ago he shared a throwback thursday photo of him with Derek Romero djing with a caption explaining that the photo was taken on April 15th, 2013, 8 years ago and that he feel he has the same passion and hungry for his music and what he do as the day one, and that from that date he been working everyday on making things happen with his "childhood bro".

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