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Discover why this single by Jose De Las Heras, Alejandro Armes and Dj Nelson was so awaited.

Today is the day!

Papi was released at 3:00 PM and reached more than 10.000 in just few minutes. Lucky? or there was more to know about?

Discover why was this song so awaited and how was possible to have Alberto Stylee, Alejandro Armes, Kend, Babywine, Jose De Las Heras, Carlos Navarro and Dj Nelson, working together on this one.

Previous it’s announcement:

Jose De Las Heras is well-known because of massive hits as “Culo” featuring Ghetto Flow (performers of hits as Wip Wap, Partelo and 18+ with Afro Bros).

Since the release of “Culo” and their massive reach on TikTok with hundreds of thousands videos posted with the song, there was a sense of expectation about what could be the next step for Jose De Las Heras after this.

That’s when working with the producer of the Latin Grammy winner “TKN” featuring Rosalía and Travis Scott and more recently “Leyendas” featuring Karol G, Nicky Jam, Wisin & Yandel, Ivy Queen, Alberto Stylee and Zion, starred to make sense.

Alejandro Armes at Abduction Studios, Bogotá.

Produced by Alejandro Armes, Jose De Las Heras, Dj Nelson.

Performed by Alberto Stylee, Babywine.

Written by Kend and Carlos Navarro.

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