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"Crush Contigo" Achieves Major Success Becoming Babywine's Most Popular Song in Spotify

DJ Nelson, Babywine, and Kendflow achieved a milestone with one of their newest hit single, “Crush Contigo”, achieved over 1 million streams on YouTube and over 20 thousand streams on Spotify. This song has become the most popular song of Babywine on Spotify in January 2023, and it showcases their unique style of music and their impressive collaboration.

The song was produced by DJ Nelson, one of the most celebrated and influential DJs in the music industry. He has a long history of producing hit songs, and this one was no exception. Working with the talented Babywine and the rising star Kendflow, DJ Nelson was able to create a song that was both catchy and innovative. The combination of their styles and sounds blended perfectly to create an infectious and powerful track.

The success of “Crush Contigo” is largely thanks to its catchy hook and powerful lyrics. The chorus is especially memorable, and it’s easy to see why it has resonated with so many listeners. The production is also top-notch, and the combination of DJ Nelson’s and Kendflow's beat and the vocals of Babywine make the song stand out.

Come and vibe with us! Listen to DJ Nelson, Babywine and Kendflow's fresh new hit "Crush Contigo" - it's sure to get you grooving!

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