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Babywine Wins HTV Formula this week with "Una Mentira"

Puerto Rican artist Babywine has recently won the HTV Formula with her hit song "Una Mentira." The HTV Formula is a competition where the public votes for their favorite artist, giving them the opportunity to be featured in the Hot Ranking.

The competition was fierce, with big-name artists like Joel De León, Servando y Florentino, Fran Rozzano from Pina Records, and Ptazeta and Lola Indigo with their latest hit "Tiki Tiki" also vying for the top spot. This week’s HTV Formula showcased a range of talented artists with diverse styles and sounds.

While all the artists put on great performances, it was Babywine who ultimately took home the top prize. "Una Mentira" is a catchy song that showcases Babywine's unique style and voice. The song's lyrics describe a toxic relationship where one person is lying to the other, and Babywine's vocals bring the emotions to life.

Babywine's win in the HTV Formula with "Una Mentira" is a testament to her talent

and the power of fan support. The competition allows new and established artists to gain recognition and exposure to a wide audience. Babywine's success is well-deserved, and we can expect to see more great things from this rising star in the near future.

Congratulations to Babywine and all the artists who participated in the competition. The HTV Formula continues to be a platform for showcasing Latin American talent and providing a space for fans to support their favorite artists.

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