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0dbPro is out now! How could it impact the music industry?

Part of 0dbPro Team. (from left to right) SoenArts, TeteFlow, Kend, Nopy, Dj Nelson, Dj Fofy, Jonell Diaz and Hector “Flaco” Figueroa

Entire latino community is celebrating the recent launch of already successful music platform 0dbPro. Ideal for music producers, composers and many more. Flow Music’s leader Dj Nelson and many more Reggaeton artists presents their samplers and synthesizers plugins on highest quality, perfect for those who plans to take their careers to next level. “The sounds you need, on demand”, 0dbPro received thousands of users that are already subscribed and enjoying the content available, and according to 0dbPro team it will be so much more content available in the future.

Cabilliant have an important participation in this project having Alejandro Armes, Derek Romero and Kend involved. Alejandro Armes and Derek Romero on their side are currently sharing their material on 0dbPro and there are a lot of music producers using it on their projects.

“I’m proud of being part on a project as important as this one for the music industry and for being able to work alongside with Reggaeton legends” Derek Romero said on his social media. At the other side Alejandro Armes told us “I’m promoter of Afroton and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to make it available to all 0dbPro users as a my style and see them include it in their creations”

Guaracha, Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Afroton, and Reggaeton are part of the latin rhythms this platform offers to the users made by the bests music producers in the world.

0dbPro is also a collaborative platform whose community is constantly growing. It is the new way of making music and the Latino community continues to open a new path towards innovation.

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