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Cabilliant (stylized as cabilliant) is an independent Florida-based record label, lifestyle brand, creative collective and events company. It was founded by Kendflow in 2014. Kendflow announced the label on October 24, 2014. Cabilliant signs artists on a single-track basis. The label’s first release was Kendflow’s Plan B with Dv Mvff.


The label has released music under the genres of Indie Rock, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Downtempo and Electronic Dance Music.


The name “Cabilliant” is made up of a mixture of two other words: Cabilla and Civilian.


Associated artists
  • Adam Aksent

  • Alejandro Armes

  • Anko

  • Babywine

  • David Hazard

  • Derek Romero

  • DJ D8

  • DJ Morphius

  • DJ Nelson

  • FLA

  • Frank J

  • Jmyd

  • Kendflow

  • Kivback

  • Mountblaq

  • Muzik Junkies

  • Nicolius

  • Nopy

  • No Saints

  • Pierre Von Zeus

  • Reckless

  • Sambo

  • Zoowow

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